How to Place an Order


Click on the product of your choice by either a) clicking on the magnifier icon to view a larger image and to read a comprehensive description of the product or b) on the shopping cart to add straight to your order.


From the description window click the ‘Add to Cart’ icon to order the product. This will show you the products ordered in your shopping cart, the quantity of items you have selected and the price including VAT and any shipping cost.


From there you can either press ‘Continue Shopping’ or proceed to ‘Checkout’ button. This will take you to Account Login where you can create an account with your address details or, if you are a returning customer, enter your login details.


You will then be taken to ‘Checkout Confirmation’ where you can check that the details of your order are correct and then click on ‘Confirm Order’. At any time before confirming your order you can click on the ‘Back’ button if you wish to continue shopping or adjust your order.


Finally, you will be taken to ‘Your Order Has Been Processed’ page and leave the rest to us. Clicking on the ‘Continue’ button will take you back to the home page.


If, at any time you wish to check your order once placed, go to My Account and click on Order History and that will tell you what products you have selected and the status of your order.


We accept credit and debit Cards. All orders are to be paid in Pounds Sterling (£). All orders must be prepaid. You must enter the card number without spaces or dashes.


Payment Options


Payment via PayPal


All our online payments are taken through PayPal, who adhere to the most stringent levels of fraud screening and provide a secure link between our online shop and our bank, ensuring that your details remain secure throughout the transaction process and various fraud checks can take place. The transaction will appear on your card statement as Anthony A Barker Ltd.


Payment via BACS


If you wish to pay by BACS, after completing your order and ticking the pay by BACS option our account details will be emailed to you and goods will be dispatched once payment has been received.


Please note: We do not accept cheques and cash in any currency, or purchase orders however we accept telephone orders using a credit or debit card.


How do I know the order has been placed?


You’ll know the order has been placed when you reach a page that displays the following message: “Thank you–we have received your order”. Later you’ll receive an order confirmation e-mail.


Credit or Debit Card Declined


Note: only your bank can tell you why your card has been declined.


If you receive notification that your credit or debit card has been declined, you must contact the bank that issued the card to find out why.


The order will be suspended as an open order. If you want to try again with a different card, go back to your order and enter your card details again.


Tracking an Order


If you recently placed an order and you’re wondering why you haven’t received it yet, you should first check whether we’ve dispatched it to you:


  1. Click on Your Account at the top of any page, sign in to your account by entering your email address and password.
  2. Go to your Order History to review the order status of all your orders both open and dispatched.
  3. Click the order details you’re wondering about. You should see status details of the order you’re expecting.


Note: if you can’t find the order in Your Account, it may be that you didn’t place it successfully.


  1. Click “View Basket” at the top of any page and see if the items you wanted to order are still there.
  2. If they are, click the “Proceed to Checkout” button and place your order.
  3. If you can’t find the order in Your Account or in your shopping basket, please check whether you have ordered using a different e-mail address, or the same e-mail address with a different password.


Call us on+44 (0)1202 291295 if you have any further problems and we will be happy to help. Calls are at UK Standard National Rate


Head Office openings are Monday to Thursday 9am – 3:00pm & Friday 9am – 1pm excluding Bank Holidays.