For those special moments where it is time to make your mark and dress to impress – Barker is on hand. We are world renowned for re-starching the very best finished stiff collars due to five generations of craftsman’s knowledge.

We are the only company left in the world providing a laundry and re-starching service for detachable collars and dress fronted shirts, using traditional methods to achieve the greatest results.

In addition to the exceptional collar service barker provides, we also launder and starch dress shirts, ‘Marcella’ waistcoats as well as white ties and other specialist accessories attracting the likes of The Royal Household, the Armed Forces, Judiciary, TV & Film production companies and gentry amongst others.

We are world leaders, laundering collars from across the globe


For barker to return your collar to pristine condition just simply securely package and find your nearest post box.


We are the only service in the world that continues to use traditional methods and carefully guard our ‘secret art’ when it comes to collar care.


We launder in excess of sixty thousand stiff collars every year including turndown collars, wing collars, and straight (imperial) collars.

Simply visit one of our stores, or send to us following a few simple steps.

Say hello

Just call us or complete the online enquiry form to find out our prices

Securely package

Securely package your collar ready and send to Barker Collars, 3 Dominion Road, Bournemouth, BH11 8LH, UKs

We get starching

Using artisan skills from the last century along with technology from the era we launder and re-starch collars back to life

Make your mark

We will then return your starched collar by post, just in time to make your mark


Our collar prices start at just £2.70

We are confident that we provide exceptional value for money through our extensive experience, brilliant workmanship, and superior service. Our aim is to always remain accessible, giving our customers one of the most priceless opportunities of all – time to shine.

Other specialist laundry services:

dry cleaning

Barker Dry Cleaning have six branches in Dorset and Hampshire. Alternatively we provide collection and delivery alongside our laundry service.


We assist many of the country’s finest homes, families and working professionals providing bespoke laundry and dry cleaning services.


We offer a free collection and delivery service across the South of England for your treasured bridal gown and other wedding garments.